Strange Name-Collecting Twitterer

For those of you using Twitter for more than a couple weeks have no doubt received at least one email notifying you that someone new is following your updates. Some of you even know that these followers are usually someone you don’t know that just wants you to follow them back, even though they are just retweeting the good stuff that they get from other people. Well, I received the strangest and probably the scariest follower this morning.

Apparently, this user only follows people who have the name “Alex” or “Casey” with the exception of some famous Twitterers like Kevin Rose and John McCain.

The notification email sent to me said that “Cody Hutchison” was now following my updates. This user, who also goes by “footballguy166”, has what I can only describe as a fetish. He seems to be collecting a certain type of Twitterer, but not based on what they tweet. He’s following 365 people and hasn’t posted a single update, which makes me wonder what the heck is going on. It’s like a train wreck. I can’t NOT look and wonder what’s gonna happen.

Do you have any weird followers or experiences on Twitter?

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