Grid Layout

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted on my blog. I really should be fired, but luckily I’m my only employee.

A friend and co-worker, Jesse Inman, recently introduced me to the grid system. I’ve been really impressed with the way it responds to the viewport, and the ease with which it allows a designer to add blocks of content to a site. Here’s another grid system that has some differences.

With that in mind, I updated my blog theme to one that is built on a grid. What this means is that you can view my site in a browser on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone and it will automatically scale itself down to fit best on that particular device. You can test it out if you’re using a desktop browser right now. Resize your browser’s width all the way as small as you can get it, and watch how it intelligently reformats the content.

I know the looks of the site aren’t all that special right now, but I’m hoping to do an update to that aspect when I get around to it.

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