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Grid Layout

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted on my blog. I really should be fired, but luckily I’m my only employee.

A friend and co-worker, Jesse Inman, recently introduced me to the grid system. I’ve been really impressed with the way it responds to the viewport, and the ease with which it allows a designer to add blocks of content to a site. Here’s another grid system that has some differences.

With that in mind, I updated my blog theme to one that is built on a grid. What this means is that you can view my site in a browser on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone and it will automatically scale itself down to fit best on that particular device. You can test it out if you’re using a desktop browser right now. Resize your browser’s width all the way as small as you can get it, and watch how it intelligently reformats the content.

I know the looks of the site aren’t all that special right now, but I’m hoping to do an update to that aspect when I get around to it.

iPhone Wallpaper

I was looking around for some wallpaper for my iPhone, and I wasn’t finding what I was looking for. The screen is so clear that it really deserves to have a cool high resolution image on it. So I found out that the wallpaper is just a .png that is 320×480 and goes into the /Library/Wallpaper directory on my phone. I decided to head into Photoshop and whip up my own. I’m not saying it’s “all that and a bag of potato chips,” but I like it. It may not look like much here, but once you get it on your iPhone you’ll see how nicely it goes with the smoked glass interface. Feel free to use it on yours if you want.iPhone Wallpaper