Grid Layout

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted on my blog. I really should be fired, but luckily I’m my only employee.

A friend and co-worker, Jesse Inman, recently introduced me to the grid system. I’ve been really impressed with the way it responds to the viewport, and the ease with which it allows a designer to add blocks of content to a site. Here’s another grid system that has some differences.

With that in mind, I updated my blog theme to one that is built on a grid. What this means is that you can view my site in a browser on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone and it will automatically scale itself down to fit best on that particular device. You can test it out if you’re using a desktop browser right now. Resize your browser’s width all the way as small as you can get it, and watch how it intelligently reformats the content.

I know the looks of the site aren’t all that special right now, but I’m hoping to do an update to that aspect when I get around to it.

WordPress Footer Spam

I’ve had a ton of spam links for drugs of various kinds showing up in my header and footer for a long time. I keep deleting them and they keep coming back. They aren’t visible, but they have caused Google to no longer list my site in results even when searching for my specific domain name. I finally hunted down the code that was causing the problem. I don’t claim to know everything about php or WordPress, but maybe my experience will help you.

In my footer.php file, I found the code <?php do_action('get footer'); ?> at the bottom of the file just before the </body> tag. This seemed to be retrieving the spam links in the footer.

I found some help on the WordPress forums, so I guess it’s a known problem.

Gallery Update

I just upgraded my gallery to allow you all to upload your own pictures. If you’d like to share some images, all you have to do is register for an account, I’ll activate it, and then you can upload pictures.

Also I’d like you to notice that comments are allowed on almost every area of my website, and I would love to have more discussions about the posts I’ve made, the images in the gallery, and also in the forums. In the gallery, there is a drop-down menu below every photo where you can select “Add Comment”. On this main blog page, there is a link at the bottom of every post that you can click on to view/add comments to that posting. Right now, all the comment links on this main page say “No comments” but I hope that will change soon! 🙂 I think you all know how to use the forums for comments, so I won’t explain that part.


Meebo Me

Did you notice the new little Meebo widget on the right side of the site? That’s a little instant messenger window that you can use to talk to me. I’m not always online, but I am around more often than not, so feel free to drop me a line whenever you’d like.

Update: I had the Meebo Me widget up for about two months, but I never received a single instant message, so I removed it. If you’d like to IM me, email me with your screen name and which service it is (AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, GTalk), and I’ll email you back with mine.